Who are we?

These posts, comments and thoughts are our own and do not represent anyone else’s opinions

Karine Jazra – Jazrette

Samer Ragheb – Samzzzz



7 responses to “Who are we?

  1. Hi Samzzzz and Jazrette !Thanks for linking me to your blog !:)
    Great job on Live in LeB !
    xox !

  2. I just want to say what a good job you guys have done on this blog. Im Lebanese 100% but living in the states studying graphic design, and so it’s nice to see what others in lebanon are doing and stuff..

    Thanks! keep it up!

  3. J’aime de plus en plus votre blog depuis que je l’ai decouvert! 🙂
    Donc je vous ai ajouté à mes liens à vous aussi!

    A tres vite!

  4. Hello,

    I couldn’t find a contact form on the blog, so i am sending u this in a comment 🙂

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    Being one of your regular readers, I already took the initiative to list you on AbaadBlogs.com.

    Should you have other blogs you want listed or if you want to un-list yourself please let me know by replying to this email.

    If you wish to be contacted when an online advertisement opportunity is presented, please fill out your personal details in the form hereafter.

    Kind Regards,

    Mireille Raad – Abaad Blogs

  5. I wanted to let you know that your post about Exotica was featured in Communicate -Levant Edition. I posted it on my facebook page.
    “Lebanese Bloggers in Print”

  6. Very interesting blog, though some content (specifically comments related to Clementine/Sami Saab works) may seem to the reader to be quite politically biased, which, I’m sure, is unintentional.

  7. great blog! Keep it up…

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