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Ya batrak, ya mufti… I love u But!

Amidst the social turmoil in France around ‘le mariage pour tous’ and gay rights in general as well as the pseudo-debate in Lebanon concerning civil marriage comes a timely and relevant webseries entitled ‘I Luv U But’.

Mouna and Sam are second-generation Lebanese immigrants to ¬†Australia who are having a hard time coping with the contradictions between their gay identities and their parents’ conservative, religious views.

The way out: classic. Fake a heterosexual marriage to each other.

The result: a series of very light-hearted, somewhat cynical, but mostly spot-on funny short episodes following their life as a married couple. Some scenes are somewhat lacking in substance, others are full of wit and humor.

Take a step back and remember homosexuality is still illegal in Lebanon and our current societal debate is around…civil marriage rights. A few thousand miles behind.

I guess better to laugh about it: Check their Youtube channel, Like them on Facebook