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Fashion Daze Beirut – Positioning Beirut through fashion?

From September 16 until September 19, local and international emerging Fashion designers and photographers join their talents to re-interpret Beirut in a raw forsaken urban space within Souks Beirut, that will be exclusively revealed for one weekend. Their work will be discovered through a series of mixed media installations unfolding into moments of Beirut.

Fashion Daze changes the face of Beirut for a whole 4 days through fashion; exposing Beirut’s vernacular and glamorous culture to the world.

Creating moments of Beirut through fashion…
Celebrating Beirut glamour through urban artistic languages…
Fashion, creativity, music, cocktails, workshops…
This is what Fashion Daze is all about. Check out the teaser below

The event is brought to life by Aishti, Made For Beirut (Raya Tueny) and Solidere. Can’t wait to see what it’s going to be live 🙂

What is Made for Beirut ?

MFB is a fashion movement that situates fashion in a schizophrenic city that is in constant (re)construction. “We stitch vernacular with glam; we sew; we emphasize authenticity.” MFB is a collaboration amongst people who love Beirut. It is a call for action. It is the platform that will allow change to happen.

For more information you can check out the Event on Facebook or follow the Fashion Daze Beirut blog.