What would you do If you won the millions ?

Amazing commercial for Le Charcutier Aoun. 100% Lebanese. The characters are so authentic and typically lebanese. Memac Ogilvy did a really great job for this special operation “Win over 300 millions lebanese lira with Le Charcutier Aoun”.

And you? What would you do if you won the millions?


5 responses to “What would you do If you won the millions ?

  1. Well even if I’m not in Leb (and that my chances of winning aren’t so high)… if I won millions, first (and it’s not a “miss Lebanon” style of speach) I would do something for the education of students.
    I’m in an association that works in that field so it’s something that I would like to do : help underprivileged persons and why not build a new style of school.

    And after that… I’ll have “fun” with the rest 😉
    (I’ll let you imagine what can “fun” include)

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  3. well as much as the ad is appealing,
    LCA as usual is not clear about how to win, the mechanism, and who won previously leaving customers a bit at odds.
    This campaign like all others in my opinion serves more as an ad and not as a lottery or contest or (what is it really?) campaign.

  4. come on, you think it’s a good job that the women only wants a husband, a plastic surgery or to become a singer?! i think it’s very sexist and not in a “cute women stereotyping” kind of way, i think memac should have known better!
    i usually agree and like most of your articles, but not this one, sorry!

  5. @Nath I think that the commercial perfectly reflets most of lebanese people mentality and ways of thinking. Whether we like it or not and wheter we approve it or not, many lebanese women’s lives are restricted to finding a husband, or to find financial ways in order to do some plastic surgery, as for the singer part, i simply think that it can be a dream for everyone, to become a singer.
    Anyway, what would you do if you won?
    Maybe we should give them some ideas for their next commercial! 🙂

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