Mashrou3 Leila – Raksit Leila

It’s creations like this one that make me genuinely proud of the Lebanese artistic scene.

Mashrou3 Leila and Yelostudio simply outdid themselves on this one.

A colorful, harmonious, twisted mix of image and sound.

5 minutes of pure bliss…


3 responses to “Mashrou3 Leila – Raksit Leila

  1. J’adore le clip et la chanson!!! I totally agree with you! It’s so pleasant to see something like that made by us 🙂

  2. Wow, the automically generated possibly related post is actually related for once. 😛

    It’s a great video, reminds me of Michel Gondry’s work. Rafa3oulna rasna, really.

  3. It’s a great video, and a pretty cool song. Too bad I can’t make out most of the lyrics because I’m not that familiar with the Lebanese dialect…

    I met Hamed Sinno during the Leka@ concert in Cairo and he joined with me when I performed one of my tracks (Ghali) during the show. He kept to himself mostly, but was very helpful and generous with both his time and talent.

    Good work and I look forward to hearing and seeing more from Mashrou3 Leila 🙂

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