week&groove – Breezy

This week’s track is Breezy by Wouter Hamel. I feel happy and a little bit strange. This week& seems to be extremely facile and Utopian for us all. But I’m getting antsy about sending you the flawless soundtrack for a long soak in the bubble bath, an old-fashioned room-service déjeuner à deux, or a late loser’s night in front of AutoCad or Illustrator. Hamel’s pattern is achingly catchy as he often juxtaposes deeply sad and even devastating lyrics with merry melodies that sweep you in. This Dutch boy is the blond version of Rimbaud, the groovy non-smoking variant of Gainsbourg, and the improved edition of Mika. Here comes a naturally eezy-listening tune that merges subtlety, anxiety and euphoria. Ought to be stuck on repeat.


BreezyWouter Hamel

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