week&groove – Lama’s Dead


Here’s the concept: Every Friday, we will propose a track that will stimulate your iTunes and other media players. Hip, groovy, folky. Not particularly recent but rather unrevealed.

We will also disclose a visual that I shaped during this week. Impromptu, random, graphic. Not particularly relevant, just capricious.

This week’s track is Lama’s Dead by Karma. A 100% Lebanese song written and composed by Zeid Hamdan in homage to a friend of his who became addicted to heroin. It depicts the failure of her beloved ones as well as the solitude of addicts. Fortunately, Lama didn’t die. The singer Karma is a friend of mine and a great graphic designer. She never considered singing as a career, but I strongly recommend her to seriously start thinking about it. Now.


Lama’s Dead – Karma 


week&groove‘s mailing list is elastic. To be added, please send me your email addresses and the ones of potential groovers you may know.

Interested groovers, send “I wanna groove” to weekendgroove@zalum.net

week&groove is a weekly ritual brought to you by bruzdesign

week&groove encourages you to purchase the albums of the artists you like.


2 responses to “week&groove – Lama’s Dead

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  2. Zeid is everywhere… and thats a good thing…;-)


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