Open Letter from a very angry Lebanese to Oprah Winfrey

Dear Oprah,

You should’ve researched your subject before the show. You should’ve researched Lebanese identity. Picture 3

How dare you stereotype Lebanon like that? A very conservative country ‘al.

How can you not get it? How don’t you see it? We are THE people who can party!!!! Ask anyone! Me and my friends, we can drink up to 17 bottles of champagne every night. We can get from the beach to the ski resorts in 40 minutes. Our girls are the most beautiful on earth, (we train them in beauty salons since the age of 4).

This is what you should be talking about. How dare you mention secondary, non-representative issues to stereotype us.

It doesn’t matter that we have a nonexistent government, illegal armed forces, lack of running water or electricity, shitty internet connection, more than half the population living in poverty, the humongous national debt, the nationwide corruption, the constant threat of a regional war on our soil… what matters is, WE CAN STILL PARTY!!! That’s what you should be giving us credit for. How many people do you know who can simply make abstraction of all their problems just by getting wasted? Really, how many?

So, out of respect for our accomplishment of being party animals, you should refrain from ever mentioning any other issue concerning our country. If you don’t comply, we can mobilize over 20, 000 people on a Facebook group. We have the power to do it, and we won’t hold back.

A Proud Angry Lebanese Party Animal


14 responses to “Open Letter from a very angry Lebanese to Oprah Winfrey

  1. Why is everyone so angry about this issue? Who cares what she or anyone else say about Lebanon?

    You know its not like that, I know its not like that and millions of people who have seen it, know its not like that.

    People are making this a big issue while its actually not. Its just some woman who called Lebanon a deeply conservative country = WHO CARES?

    Move on mate 🙂

  2. You’re being sarcastic, right?

  3. Samia’s comment answers Patrick’s 😉

  4. I didn’t get it. What’s the anwer to my question again?

  5. Absolute and utter sarcasm…

  6. Next time, you need to be sarcastic enough so that people like Patrick and I don’t doubt it.

  7. Hilarious 🙂
    samia and patrick, when you read the fourth paragraph “even with all..” where samer lists all the real problems of Lebanon and the issues everyone seems to be making abstraction of, you get his real sarcastic point of view.

  8. The funny part is that Nancy Ajram seems to be one of the most conservative singers from Lebanon. All of Lebanon could be angry at Oprah and she’s still Oprah and probably would and could care less, she’s Oprah.

  9. I find People who write this type of response are an embarrassment to the Lebanese as a whole. We can get from the beach to the ski resort in 40 minutes? What does that have to do with the issue?

  10. Get a life

  11. OK you got me. I admit.

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  13. You ended up stereotyping us, dear 🙂

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