One Hundred Lebanese Jews

Out of the 18 “peacefully co-existing” religions we so often take pride in, in Lebanon, it is seldom reminded that one of them is Judaism.

As the Beirut synagogue is currently under renovation, a French journalist: Julie Lerat, took advantage of a recent visit to Beirut to record a radio documentary with Lisa, one of the few remaining Jews in Lebanon. A fun, smart, extroverted 50-year old living  in the historically Jewish neighborhood of “Wadi Abu Jmil”.

A very interesting piece and a new insight on inter-religious relations In Lebanon.

(The interview is in French, original post on RSR)


3 responses to “One Hundred Lebanese Jews

  1. You should check out the documentary about the last lebanese jews in the world.. forgot the title now, but ill get it

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  3. Applause to co-existence.

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