Couldn’t think of a more elaborate title.

having a moral dilemma on whether i should even be diffusing this aberration

This song is actually an incentive to pop, can’t see myself going through all 4 minutes without any pills.

Jad choueiri, u sad waste of space, find the closest open window and please jump

thoughts, anyone?


9 responses to “WTF?

  1. lool sam, i agree. how else did you expect jad choueiry to top his “let the funky arabs turn you on” ??

  2. wattttttt is thisssssssss?!!!!! stop popping pills!!! feel the chemical ride??? without popping pills?? that wont do honey! shou 7al lyrics is ra2i3!!! enof with the justin timberlake!! be yourself.. ahh maybe it is!!!

  3. indeed. HUGE efforts to top the “funky arabs” success

  4. Absolute rubbish.

  5. w aiiiiir! man this guy is a disgrace!! he s ruining our image in the world. how d he get on top bi charaf rabbkoun?!?!
    making video clips and making money? … this UNTALENTED guy should stop trying to write, arrange and especially sing any song.

    ARGH!! the horror!

  6. I just came up with a good title. Pathetic.

  7. El zalame awe…u may not like it, bass fi 3alam 3am teshtre…

  8. I know this post is very old, but: Anything sung in English in Lebanon will NOT go mainstream no matter what, even if it’s an extremely mainstream genre, like pop. It will either be considered an overlooked underground gem or a road that should have best been left untraveled. I consider it the latter honestly, mostly because I’m not a big fan of pop, regardless of the language. In conclusion: English rock in Lebanon: NOT MAINSTREAM. English rap in Lebanon (actually rap in general): NOT MAINSTREAM. English POP in Lebanon: (also…) NOT MAINSTREAM, but in this case it’s not a question of “is it or is it not mainstream?” it’s more “was this really necessary?”. Thanks for linking to my blog in the LebMusic section up there on the left. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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