New 2009 Campaign for The Lebanese Ministry of Tourism

If you are a Lebanese living abroad, you will surely be impressed and thrilled because of what you feel while watching this commercial. Aiming at promoting the image of Lebanon, this ad has successfully amazed everyone because it is based on an authentic, genuine and hard feeling shared by almost everybody a few days before they have to leave Lebanon and go back to their “real life”.

Each and every Lebanese living outside Lebanon has already experienced the “I don’t wanna leave” syndrome. But why do we feel so good in Beirut? Is it because it is our home, because we are very well surrounded by all our friends and family? Not really…. Because even tourists will tell you: they have never felt as welcomed, cherished and taken care of, as in Lebanon. Then why? Is it because of the weather or because of how much the living is easy? Is it because of the amazing beach resorts, the tremendous night life, the country’s incredible cultural and historical dimension, the sensational art of receiving people and taking care of them as if they were part of our own family?

This commercial made by Impact BBDO Beirut and produced by né à Beyrouth for The Lebanese Ministry of Tourism really promotes Lebanon as one of the most wonderful destinations for holidays especially during summer. Taking advantage of all the articles or videos about Beirut that figured in many various very well-known Medias (New York Times, CNN, Paris Match and many others…)

It is true that we only realize the value of what we have just when we are about to lose it. Even though I found this ad really extraordinary, I find it a bit weird the fact that it is targeting young Lebanese since it has been produced in Arabic (with no subtitles or anything). As if young Lebanese did not know what were the assets of their own country….


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