, A Queer Arab Magazine

I’m not sure how I stumbled into this. delightful surprise.

Bekhsoos is a great initiative brought about by the Lebanese lesbian group Meem, and run by a group of volunteers aiming at filling “the gap of lesbian- and transgender-produced writing in the Arab world”. They do so in the form of an online magazine where they publish weekly articles, stories and testimonials as well as contributions from their readers around the Arab world. They’ve been featured in a few articles already, notably in the LA Times.

Picture 2

Knowing homosexuality is still illegal in all Arab countries and punishable by death in some, obviously these lesbians have balls. Seriously, all my support.

P.S.: People in the UAE, apparently, you can’t access the site because you should surf safely, says the dude with the unidentified device hanging on his face



5 responses to “, A Queer Arab Magazine

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  2. Hahahaha that “dude” in the notice from UAE is a lady wearing a burka!

    Yeah it’s true, we cannot access some websites here in Dubai, so thank God for VPN, we all use it to have free access to all…

  3. hahaha.
    thanks for the precision Bilal.
    what a nasty lady though 🙂

  4. Indeed!

    It’s a local cartoon series, there are 3 more ladies hehehehe!

    You can check them out here:



  5. haha


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